Monday, July 10, 2017

Lombok (5 days 4 night)

Day 1

Airport Lombok - Senggigi

We are arrived at the airport around 16:00 (Indonesia time). My friend fetched us by taxi. I suggested that go for public transport which we called (DAMRI BUS) - 15k to 20k rupiah. As arrived at  Senggigi, choose any homestay you would prefer (we searched at trivago) and check in for 2 days to travel around Senggigi by motorcycle, the homestay approximately around 120k-130k per night. We hunted for foods. Nasi Goreng terbaik! Bakso, Sate Bulayak & Kuih Terang Bulan.

Disclaimer : Please try all of their foods!!

Its time to search for the best places in Lombok!! 😍😍

Day 2

We went to kaki gunung Rinjani to feel the tranquility of all the waterfalls. We found two waterfalls which are Benang Kelambu & Benang Stokel. We hiked around 2km to go to waterfalls. On the way to go back to homestay, we searched for travel & tours at Senggigi city to buy ticket for shuttle bus to pearl harbor & for boat (how to go to gili trawangan) - 60k
Gili = Pulau Kecil.

Day 3

They said the bus will drop by to fetch us around 7.45-8.00. They will pick up to the home stay that we stayed. As we arrived at Gili Trawangan, we chose to check in at Three Little Birds Homestay. Homestay terbaik abad ini. After that, we searched for foods ( wey lapar gila time niii) & we tried Bakso (sedappp gilaaaa). We walked around the beach until dawn and we felt so so much tired. SO THE NEXT DAY WE DECIDED TO RIDE BICYCLE hihihhihihi (Sebab tu kitorang pelik why everyone was riding a bicycle instead of walking) Its a big ISLAND INSTEAD!!

Day 4

We cycled around the island and tried the foods such as Ayam Taliwang ( which malaysian called our Ayam Kampung) Isi dia lembut bak sutera. Sedappppp (must try!!) They got a package that we can snorkeling to other islands which are Gili Meno & Gili Air, but then we wanted to save our money to hunt for more foods, we just snorkel around Gili Trawangan & captured our memories together hiks.

Day 5

Last day we are here!! We felt so sad because we had to left out all our memories together here. We had such an adventurous yet the best experiences ever! Since I celebrated my birthday here on 10th Feb 2017, I felt so pleased & blessed because this is THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER with one of my friend. Thank you to both of my best friends. They are never been replaced!
So we got the same shuttle bus to go back to pearl harbor & directly to Airport.

Good bye Lombok!
Much love xx

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