Monday, January 12, 2015

New beginning of year 2k15

Almost 1 year, I ignored my blog.

I'm busy rebuild myself as I'm degree in the making, to be a super-degree-kid I guess.
So, my life here so far is so good. Yeah, I surely feel so happy because everyone around being so nice so kind. My uni's life in UniKL filled with laughs and tears, jokes and sarcasms.Without them, I am nothing and my days will be so dull. As for me, theyre perfect enough. Maybe, it would be some bad days, but even bad things make some other things perfect right? So, just accept it for some good reasons okay.

Yeah, I had finished my final year semester III in UniKL MIIT, and its end up with devastated feeling. Microprocessor subject makes me end up with a lil bit upset.But its okay, I have done it with my best. After all, I hope the best result for me&friends, InsyaAllah. Yet, I feel that this semester quite tough. AND realized that I will be in semester 4 in a couple of weeks. Hoping for the best, guys.

Just so you know, I don't have much to write. I read some other blogs and my passionate to write comes out of sudden. Almost forgot that I actually have a blog.

So,there you are.

I'm coming back.
Until then readers.

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